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US index futures posted growth since the beginning of the day of 0.25% for the S & P 500 and 0.35% for the NASDAQ. Among the most active shares, are the shares of Tiffany & Co through LVMH’s offer to buy.

European indexes have evolved in uncertainty. The President of the European Council, D. Tusk, announced the extension of the EU’s exit from the EU until 31 January. However, London could  leave the EU on any convenient date before the deadline. Automobile manufacturers’ titles have shown active growth, which can be attributed to the factor of a further reduction of the risks of a trade war between the United States and the PRC. This afternoon, the DAX index reached 12936.01 p (+ 0.32%), CAC 40: 5726.52 p (+ 0.08%), FTSE 100: 7318.77 p. (-0.08%).

Nickel is trading up. Indonesia has banned the export of nickel-bearing ore since 28 October because suppliers failed to meet pre-established quotas. The ban was announced two months earlier which could lead to a shortage of nickel in the market. This afternoon, Brent is traded at $ 61.52 (-0.34%), WTI: $ 56.42 (-0.42%), gold: $ 1506.2 (+ 0.06%), copper: $ 5922.74 (+ 0.41%), nickel: $ 16915 (+ 0.83%).

The dollar index fell by 0.09% to 97.74%, while this afternoon, the rate of return on 10-year US Treasury bonds reached 1.84%.


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